Right now La Bella Baskets is offering a 7-day trial membership for $1.97. This is an amazing opportunity for you to get to know La Bellas Baskets and see if this company is a match for you. There are no risks or quotas and this is not a MLM company. 

The $1.97 will activate your membership and give you full access to our training program. You will be fully set up and operational today.

After the 7 days, if you wish to continue with your gift basket and flower career at home, they have a small membership fee of just $19.95 a month and that’s it! 

The low monthly fee of $19.95 covers:
* Live Training Calls & Archived Audios Available 24/7
* Professional customer service support 8 am to 7 pm EST, Mon - Fri
* Support Toll-free numbers for you, the owner, and your customers
* Full website hosting and maintenance
* Professionally-designed marketing materials
* On-going marketing tips

To show our appreciation, every month we deliver to single moms a La Bella Basket of Smiles filled with beautiful Spa and Bath essentials. La Bella Baskets shares a deeply held belief that every single mom needs a calm and nurturing place in their lives to relax, melt away stress, rejuvenate, heal and promote a truly 'blissful balance' in body, mind and spirit.

La Bella Baskets believes the spirit of giving is very uplifting and powerful and we are very proud, excited and grateful about our program and the purpose behind it.
Don't worry if you have never been a gift basket and flower consultant. Full training is provided!

Here are a few details about our simple program:

1. We provide you with a beautiful website with over 300 gourmet and specialty gift baskets, cookie bouquets,diaper cakes, fresh flowers, plush animals, and many more treats! These gifts are automatically loade onto your gift store with your very own shopping cart. There is no need to figure out all the details. Within minutes, you can start taking orders!

2. Customers visit your gift store. They can shop for affordable and beautiful gifts all from the comfort of their computer. No more running around trying to find out what to buy for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions.

3. We ship to your customer within 24-48 hours. We work behind the scenes in the warehouse taking the shipping, assembly of gifts, delivery and other burdens off your shoulders. We also make sure that all of our packages are professionally prepared, so you don't have to!

4. You generate a nice income. That's it! Pretty simple, huh?

You do NOT have to stock any inventory.

You do NOT have to buy any products or kits.

You do NOT have to deal with shipping and delivering.

You do NOT have to collect money.

You do NOT have to maintain quotas.

You do NOT have to host parties.

We DO offer...

...Pay twice a month.

...Ongoing Support.

...Leadership Positions.



...An extensive training site.

The Best Part Is...

You work when you want to work and you can build a large gifting business that belongs to you and to your family!

Watch our new video: Home

To start your new career as a Gift Basket and Flower Consultant for La Bella Baskets, please contact me today!

Alida Henschel


310-384-5284 (cell)


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