Guided Relaxation for Pregnancy and Birth

    Your baby is peaceful, enjoying the sound of your heartbeat, breathing and voice.  Your baby is ready to be born, the perfect size, head down, facing your spine, blissful.
    Focus your attention to the crown of your head.  Release any tension you have there.  Move to your brow.  Now release all the muscles around your eyes.  Relax your jaw and tongue.  Loosen the muscles in your neck.  Now your shoulders.  Any tightness in your chest evaporates with your out breath.  Allow your abdomen to relax, allow your back to relax.  Move your focus to your thighs, release the muscles.  Your calves relax, and your feet hang limply.

(Repeat as many times as mom needs until she is completely relaxed)

    You are excited as your contractions begin to intensify.  They come in waves, getting stronger, and you welcome each one with a deep breath, inhaling the scents of your labor.  Focus on a pleasant smell, hold it in your mind, let it go with your out breath.
    Look ahead to when your labor intensifies.  You relax your pelvic floor with each and every contraction, allowing your baby that much closer to their birth.  Your body perfectly accommodates their decent, your tissues stretching and conforming, caressing your baby with each wave, reassuring, safe.  Remember to breathe, serenity filling you to brimming. 
    Soon, you feel the pressure of your baby’s impending birth.  Welcome this sensation, let yourself feel it.  As your contractions come stronger and closer together, your baby begins their final decent to their birth.
    You are ready.  You feel the stretch and burn as your baby’s head enters the world.  You welcome this sensation, too, knowing that your baby will soon be in your arms.  Each shoulder is born, and the rest of your child slides into the world, wriggly and slippery, soon ready to nurse.  You have given birth.  See your baby’s face, hear their cry.  See the color of their eyes, their hair, the shape of their pink mouth as they take their first breath.
    Bring your attention back to your toes, energizing, awakening.  Bring your attention back up your legs, to your abdomen, feeling necessary tension return.  Leave unnecessary tension behind.  Roll your shoulders, your neck, and slowly open your eyes

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