Fairlight7's Journal

Oddities of motherhood

poem that i wrote to my  exboyfriend after he left me when i refused to get an abortion

i'm leaving you for someone, that i've never met before,
i know you think you need me, but i know he needs me more.
i heard him for the first time, this very afternoon,
it doesn't seem like it now, but i know he'll be here soon.
you've made it very clear to me, that both of you can't stay,
so i choose him, you have to go, that's all i have to say. 
our hearts beat so close it's hard to tell where i end and he begins,
 he'll love me no matter my mistakes, i know we'll be best friends.
this has to be the hardest choice, that i've ever had to make,
but you can't stay, if you can't love him, this is one life i can't take. 
i haven't held him yet, his skin i have not touched,
his name is nathan, he's my son, and i love him very much.
i'm leaving you for someone, that you could not accept,
i'll love him with all my very heart, and never have regrets.

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