7am got up, woke up my 12 year old dd, took her to school,

My oldest dd did not have school today, junior testing, and my youngest has preschool at 1130.

8am try to lay back down and sleep,

9am give up trying to even sleep in on the one day of the week I had off  and get up to make breakfast.

get up make pancakes for kids. and try to sit and relax.

10am start to clean,. I had decided last night that i was going to clean the whole house, other then the kids rooms. the kids said they would help and they are usually good about helping me out so i figured it was cool. wanted to wipe all the baseboards and walls off. throughout the house.

11am, not even half way done with kitchen. was to busy supervising my 5 year old dd's shower. trying to figure out what to wear to preschool. took her to the bus stop at 1130 and put her on the bus. only to go back in to find out the picnic my oldest dd was supposed to go on, that had gotten canceled due to rain was on again and I promised she could go.

12pm take my oldest dd to the park to hang with her friends. stopped at my moms to talk and wish her happy birthday and head home.

1pm almost half way done with kitchen still. got the fridge super clean. all the counters and cabinets wiped down and and on my way to washing the base boards till i forget it is wednesday.

 125 pm rush to school to pick up middle dd cause I totally forgot she got out at 130 today. oldest dd text and said she is cold and wants to come home. so i go pick her up, get home after 2, and relize i had tole my youngest dd she could be a car rider today instead of a bus rider. so i clean a little more, have the two kids that are home clean the living room and pick up the rugs so all i have to do is move furniture.

230 head to the preschool, kitchen still not done. frustrated cause i had to make phone calls and other stuff and put finishing up on hold. middle dd gives me a invitation to a birthday party that is for tonight. WTF! and i have no cash so she has to call her grandpa. and is it wrong that i was happy that soccer got canceled today, I had to stop at the store, I did have a hy vee gift card still in my purse with like ten bucks on it. I do not want to cook tonight. so we got pizzas.

330 finally home. middle dd takes of with grandpa to get a last minute gift, I finally finish my whold kitchen and it looks nice. so i head to my living room and start cleaning, my oldest dd falls as leep on the couch so im cleaning around her and my 5 year old who is watching tv. finally my oldest dd wakes up and asks if she can help. HECK YA YOU CAN!! so i send her up to clean the bathroom totally. and i finish my living room.

430 throw in the pizzas. thank fully the birthday party was just down the block so I had my middle dd walk and I watched from the front step.  went back inside and finish wiping down the hall way walls from the bottom of the stairs all the way up and to my bedroom door. ten foot long hallway lol..

515 start getting the five year old ready for swim lessons. she had a melt down cause her duck towel was dirty and she had to take her shark towel. then she asks me if im planing on going looking like that. I look in the mirror and realize i look like hell. so i do a rush job on straightening my hair. change clothes add a little make up and we leave and still manage to arrive 15 minutes early.

7 pm swim lessons are over finally. head home. oldest dd is at church doing research for homework. middle dd is also at church for conformation. they should be home by 8. boyfriend was supposed to stay but he never answered so i just make myself and my youngest a snack. and change her into her Jammie's.  and she falls a sleep on the couch. so i start to read my book.  yup ten pages in the other kids come home.

it is now almost 12 and im still not in bed. i just want to relax, when yup my 5 year old wakes up and decides she is not tired anymore so she is laying on my couch watching cartoons..

it has just been one of those days where I feel like nothing got acomplished yet it did, but im tired and she needs to go back to sleep cause I do have to work tomorrow night.

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