My goodness is she speaking these last few weeks! My hometown of Gloucester was hit by a tornado and did some damage but now Alabama and other states. It hasn't been this bad since the early 70's apparently. Mother nature is speaking and perhaps this is a time for some balancing acts? I firmly believe that nature will correct herself however she can. I feel more changes to come and I truly send up my good thoughts to those effected by this latest event. May they find the strength and courage to get through these times.

The wind is kicking up here and some surrounding areas are under a tornado watch and I am listening to the air move and people need to understand this is just nature and what she does. There is no ryhme or reason to it. It is not an act of God or what have you. This is the universe and all that comes with it. I think we need to take a little more time and pay attention to how we take care of our planet. We also have to respect that nature will do what she needs to.

Blessings to all.

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