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So, as I am dragging my spring and summer clothes out of storage, I realize that things don't...oh, what's the word???  Right.  FIT.  Nothing fits.  I gained some (ahem) weight through the winter months and am positively desperate to take it back off.  I know the "rules".  Eat less, move more.  Got it.  I need a jump start.  If I can drop a few (ahem) pounds quickly, I'll be all motivated to work out and be better about eating.  Please, Mommas, share tricks to get back in the swing!

Thank you from the bottom of my...well...bottom.

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Jun. 18, 2011 at 7:32 PM

I don't know what anyone else's opinion on this is, but I needed to drop some pounds rather quick so I did the Dukan Diet...and anytime I need a boost I do phase 1 and it's the attack phase.


that's the link to phase 1, there's 4 phases in total!  Also, do a search for true weight calculator to help you better plan your goals with this diet!  Good Luck =]

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