This year alone storms have taken the lives of at least 178 people, that number goes up everyday. This last killer storm cell has dropped a confirmed F4 which is the second most deadly tornado out there. The storm formed outside of Lake Whitney, Texas.. how do I know that? I watched it form at the north end of the lake from MY house on the south end. From Lake Whitney it then joined later with a supercell that passed over Lake Waco and north where it joined up with a storm from Oklahoma.

My other half and I sat up until 1am watching the storm on THIS radar which is by far the most advanced I have ever seen. We watched it pick up strength and head towards his parents house in 3 waves.

Did you know that the most deadly time for storms in the south is May-June.. 178 lost and the bad part of the season hasn't even started! Be safe, be smart and take cover when you hear the warning.. there are no heros during a storm holding a video camera.. only fools in what might as well be targets painted on their clothes.  Get to the center of your house, a place with no windows or connection to the outside of your house that is on the bottom floor of your home if there is no storm shelter near.

This storm is now hitting parts of the East coast and isn't over yet!! A new set of potentially strong storms is due in Tornado Alley this weekend.

Be safe everyone!

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