This was my post last year ON Mother's day...

The one day a year that is supposed to be about me, ONE freaking day! I quit, no more! I spend day and night caring for two beautiful children just to wake up and care for a third "child".

Yesterday I returned home from a day and night out expecting to find a nice clean house, dishes done, cats fed maybe a homemade card from our oldest and Daddy.. what did I find? A messy house, fruit flies, a litter box that was over full, two VERY hungry cats, two very hungry kids a baby who needed a new diaper, dishes on the floor, chew spit (yeah, gross) dried to the floor and left in cans all over and soon to be ex DH on the sofa playing video games.

I don't "work" my ass off at home full time just to be your maid, true my paychecks come in toothless grins, slobbery kisses and giggles but I bring more to this home than you do!

When you take the money that I am saving from the side jobs I do and buy flowers and a card it's a nice thought.. the video game you bought yourself costing 3 times as much as the wilting flowers however is a bit much.

If you can not respect me enough to give me ONE day where you show how grateful you are to me as the mother of our children.. then you know what SCREW IT, I DON'T NEED MOTHER'S DAY!

Next year count me out

Our children move with me to another state in 23 days, the least you can do is put up the video games and show them how much you love them before we leave. Leaving them alone with you for the summer, sooooo not happening! Enjoy child support payments and Happy day after Mother's day asshole!


I know it won't be as bad as that and I am trying to keep it low key because I am divorced and dating someone new. He won't accept that I don't want Mother's day this year just because of last year and insists on buying me a gift.. I don't know what I want besides for it to be over quickly..I want a clean house, food i don't have to cook and kisses.. thats it! He wants a real gift from the kids and himself to give me...

My ex, thankfully has vanished so HE won't wreck this year buy yikes.. can't i just skip the entire day?

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