Living life with a positive attitude is a big part of who I am. Its how I have gotten through just about every obstacle I've come across over the years...and there have been some enormous ones. But every now and then, even I can fall victim to letting the stressors of everyday life affect me in a negative way. Yep, even I have little slumps; I've been in one for a couple weeks. Crazy but true. But it's so incredible to me how I can snap out of a slump and move right back into a grateful heart and positive mentality with just one instance, one tiny moment can snap me right out of my funk.

I was at Landon's (my little boy) advanced baseball practice last night and I met, who I didn't realize at the time was, an angel. He is one of the kid's dads on the team and we were just small talking and laughing about some of his funny comments to his son. He had such an amazing energy about him. I had never seen or spoken to him before and he was just so friendly. The kind of friendly and kindness that you unfortunately don't see as often as you'd like to these days. I noticed that he was limping and had a big bandage wrapped around his knee that was bleeding through a little. I just figured he injured himself. Boy was I wrong...

Practice ended for the advanced team and I packed up my things and moved over to the other field for Landon's recreational team (Yes, he's on two teams and yes we live at the baseball I was talking to a friend, one of our coaches, and he brought up this guy I met and he told me something about him that instantly made my heart hurt and tears come to my eyes. That bandage on his leg was not for an injured knee. This friendly, kind hearted man has Stage Four Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. And once it reaches stage four, there's not much more anyone can do, that's it. Hearing that someone has cancer is always devastating to hear but this one touched me on a deeper level. I lost my little sister, Dawn, to Melanoma in 2009. She was only 28 years old. She fought and suffered immensely, like no one should EVER have to, for 10 months until it took her away from me, her parents, her friends and the worst of all...her two children.

I can't think of anything worse than someone receiving a terminal prognosis. Especially for this man who was watching his eight year old play baseball. Knowing that he will be leaving this earth and his kid, makes me tear up just thinking about it. But he still had a smile on his face and kindness to share. What I noticed with this man and my sister is that they are/were literally living each day like it was their last. Appreciating every moment, appreciating every breath. I hear people all around me complaining every day. I complain from time to time, we all do. But what do we really have to complain about??? Is it really THAT bad??? What my sister and eventually this man would give to be here to have all these problems that we sit around and complain about. Food for thought...

I believe that man was the angel that I needed last night. Thank you Dawn for sending him my way. I love you baby girl.

As I sit here marveling at the events that took place last night, I am grateful and no longer have any reason to be in a funk. Life is good...

Appreciating EVERY minute,

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Apr. 29, 2011 at 1:49 PM

Powerful Post- Thank- You:)

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Apr. 29, 2011 at 6:04 PM

Wow, That is just what I needed to hear. So true!

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Apr. 29, 2011 at 10:53 PM

You're very welcome!!  So happy you guys liked it!  Have a beautiful weekend<3


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