I always try to stay positive and in times of stress I like to reiterate things I love here are things I love.

I love growing up in Texas, i love my parents my brothers my sisters. I love my husband and my son. I love NY, I love the beach and cool waves and laying in the sand. I love shopping and dressing up and looking sexy in m lingerie gor my husband on a Tuesday at 2PM for no reason. I love baseball and eating. I love reading and falling asleep to a good book. I love getting my nails done and my feet rubbed. I love kissing. I love being short and petite. I love my perfect round boobs, I love rubbing my huge boobs in my husbands face. I love my husbands reaction when i get all dolled up. I love sitting down and helping my son with his homework. I love sunny days and cold drinks. I love life.

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