Dear Mom,

  This morning I got to thinking about how our life experiences, behaviors, and mindsets about our personal lives flow into everything we do while exploring and discovering ways to grow, to be inspired, and motivated to create change in our lives if we wanted or needed to. Thousands of books and video programs are sold just on transforming your life. If you are familiar with Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Robin Sharmin, you know what I mean because they are famous motivational speakers world wide spreading the vision that you can change your life, live your dreams, be a leader regardless of your background and social standing.

Yet when it comes to having a baby and parenting we seem to be "stuck" in the fear arena and "we don't know how" mode of thinking. What's worse is - it seems to be the "norm", the accepted mindset in our society.


Where's the Tony Robbins for childbirth?

When the movie and book "The Secret" came out a few years ago it generated waves of new thinking - that we could actually change our lives by shifting our thinking, our mindsets about ourselves, our lives, and experiences.

Why not transfer these ways of thinking and "how to" skills to childbirth and parenting? Why not be a leader, a positive role model and a motivational example of how powerful and extraordinary birth can be.

My challenge to you today is to share with friends and family, to other expectant women you know, how proud you are of your baby, that you brought a new person into the world, and how you did it - simply because you did and it's time to celebrate it. Not be negative about it.

But also, if you are an avid believer in the power of personal growth and development, positive mindsets, that change begins within, then embrace these meaningful concepts and apply them to your birth and parenting experiences as well.

Get "unstuck" by believing in yourself.

Thinking of you,

Lesly Federici RN, BA

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