I cussed out comast and took my money back which in effect gave me a little of pocket money which is awesome for me!!! lol

I had a chance to go to a meeting with out my son. I got what was needed acomplished and I felt so great for not having to lug him along with me. I love my son (never doubt that I dont) but I just felt so free and on top of the world. the world coulda fell down and I woulda still been smiling from ear to freaking ear.

I am so greatful for the chica that helped me and watched my child. She had a cool and easy time and my son was fine :) So yes I feel that this spring summer is going to be awesome for me cause there are so many positive things happening. I'ma just still keep doing what I am doing and in no time it will be all behind me. Even when i start to feel down I MUST remember I have done so much hardwork it is ok.

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