We had to run out this afternoon on a quick errand, and I returned home to discover our second backer on Kickstarter! WOO HOO!  In less than 24 hours, we've already raised $35 on Kickstarter plus an additional $30.00 (after the WSO fee) from our crowdfunding WSO on Warrior Forum.

We're going to expand on the Warrior Special Offer once the critical first 48 hours are up, and continue to give 'rewards' for various donation amounts.  I'm planning to save all those Warrior Forum donations to add to the fundraising of the game!

We got our second press release out,, and publishe already too.

Another way that folks can help us out is to "Digg" the story on DIgg.com.  Just post the link to the press release, (http://www.prlog.org/11463408-parents-create-fun-game-helping-children-eat-healthy-foods.html) with a few quick words about your thoughts on our Kickstarter project and on the Two Bites Game itself.  If enough people Digg it, our news story could get featured on the front page of Digg.

We really want to bring this game out to the public as soon as possible and we can sure use help to get this done. Remember, you can help just by 'Liking' our Kickstarter project by clicking the "Like" button on the project page.  This will allow all updates we make on the Kickstarter project to show up on your own Facebook wall, and help get the message to go viral.

Thanks to everyone who is rallying for us!  You can post any questions here.  I check here daily, and I respond to all comments!


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