Well today was a good day Finals are coming up and I am super ready for them. I am reading about this whole birthers nonsense and honestly it kind of irks me. Regardless of if you like the president or not there are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more things to worry about besides that and people forget about that middle man that is called CONGRESS who also weighs on decisions and has the power to VETO...just saying when people complain about the shitty economy you should take into account the people you vote in at lower levels to. I AM JUST SAYIN...that goes to the non voters who talk crap...like you didn't vote so your voice is NOT heard.  I had to let that out because  people are not remembering the structure of government and not realizing who has the most power. 

Sides that though that really was the only thing that IRKED me sides this weird murky weather. I will say the end of days things people are saying has been said my whole life time and when two thousand came and went it was like it was hushed for a little while and then it came back again...Not to say that the end of days isn't close because I don't know but it just seems funny sometimes how some people can be so religious but in another post say the most ungodlike things. Just makes me wonder.

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