Well, M's meds are changed because he wasnt stable for quite a while.  It's funny how (like most things) if your are around behavior a lot,or at least long enough, you kind  of get "use" to them and lose objectivity. Not that any parent wants to get use to defiance, bullying, hitting, tantrums. You know, you just forget that this isn't normal behavior for an average kid. It tends to be "your normal". Anyway, after he weaned off his evening dose of Seroquel and started the new med. for a week, I noticed a HUGE change.  I was home from work and M. came into the kitchen and was teasing his younger brother. ( A change from the bullying that normally happens.) I ushered them out of the kitchen so I could cook and then I heard this noise coming from the other room.  I stopped to listen and looked at my oldest son who was getting something to drink and we just stared at each other. We listened for like 2-3 minutes untill I asked what that was.   My oldest said,.... "Thats laughing, mom."   I said I knew that but who's was it, because it didn't sound familiar. My son said, "That's M. laughing mom."  .... I could have been knocked over wth a feather at that very moment!  I mean, I can honestly say that I hadn't heard him laugh this carefree laughter, not a giddy manic laugh, but a truly enjoying himself laughter, in a very long time. I think I was actually beginning to forget what "happy" M. was like.  That was a turning point for us.  Now I have learned to not take things for granted and I never rely soley on medications to be a cure-all, but this is one time when I can directly say it helped.  Since the change, he's not agitated all the time, I can ask him to do something and he does it.  His mood has sooooo been affected.  I hope I never forget that sound of him laughing and I thank God that we have a good specialist who listens to what I ask and say so that M. gets the care he needs.  You know, God made me the mother of a child  who may not be easy to parent or live with, but I love my child so much!  I just wanted to share a Happy story for once about M. and not a Sad one.  I'm so glad that when life makes me feel like I can't take anymore, I get to glimpse what I'm trying to achieve.  boy kissing mom

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Apr. 28, 2011 at 11:44 PM

What medicine did they switch him to?

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Apr. 29, 2011 at 11:31 PM

they switched him to Geodon. Actually, they gave me directions to slowly increase it up to a certain dose but told me I could keep it at any of the lower transitioning doses if I saw an improvement that seemed to be lasting. It turns out that the lowest dose is seeming to work well so I haven't increased it to the next highest dose. ( I hat to medicate at all but if it helps and keeps him stable, I do it cautiously.)

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