I was checking online to see when the barley crop was harvested in Israel this year
and was surprised to see it was just started A.D. 4-25-2011

If I'm reading this news story correctly:

If anyone checks, please let me know?
or for other sources for when the barley harvest began for 2011 in Israel?

The day after the Shabbat of THIS weekend
is when this year's harvest's First Fruits will be available to be offered up according to Torah onYom Rishon,
this year it's on Day 26 "In The Second Month" 
baChodesh haSheini
כ"ו בלדש השני
(on the secular pagan calendar that will be from sunset on 4-30-2011 to sunset 5-1-2011)

 And here I thought I'd missed The Feast of First Fruits!
  יהוה is so awesome and gracious!    (see Leviticus 23:9-14)

Then we count the 50 days (seven full shabbats) to Shavu'ot  from the Feast of First Fruits, according to Torah. We will be celebrating the Feast of Shavu'ot (Pentecost)

We won't know the Biblical date until that month begins
(on the secular pagan calendar that will be from sunset on 6-18-2011 to sunset 6-19-2011.
(see Lev 23:15-21)

disclaimer: this post is NOT an advertisement for any product nor service. nor a promotion for any website, just a link to the newstory.  I don't understand by what criteria cafemom has chosen to tag this as an advertisemnet.

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