A long time ago I read a book called Sequencing, by Arlene Rossen Cardozo. At the time I had little babes crawing all over me and  wondered if I would ever again have a life. I didn't realize that over the  years I would take the author's advice so much to heart.

My kids are grown now, and as I look back, I did what the book said that mothers can do. I sequenced my life. I didn't have it all at once, but reinvented myself again and again, bringing past experience forward and believing that this was how life was meant to be lived.

When I asked myself what is the best way to be a mentor mom, the answer came back in a way I should have suspected. Go back to where it all began, to the world of moms and babies.  And then, don't stop moving forward.

The world of moms and babies is where the world has a chance to get it right. To bring children up who are healed and whole. 

So now i will become an infant massage instructor. Bonified and certified. And it will be a new chapter in my long and varied life!

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