The Easter Bunny has nothing on us!
La Bella Baskets





Chocolate and colored eggs are great, but once Easter is over, they are done! 

Take a 7 day trial and start your new gift basket and flower career at home today.  Treat yourself and your family for a career at home that provides real value long after the chocolate is gone!
  We offer.... 

*  Flexibility..  (you set your hours)

*  Bi-monthly pay

*  No experience required

*  Ongoing training

*  Get paid on all your orders and repeat customers

 *  Leadership Positions, Bonuses and Referral Bonuses are also available.


Call me today.  The 7 day trial  ($1.97) will be gone soon.  


We are a unique company and we invest in you for 7 full  days. 

Start today and make it a Happy Easter for you and your family!

  ** Hurry, $1.97 will soon be gone!


It only takes a couple of minutes to sign up.


No quotas, no parties.


No contract to sign


For more information visit my website at:

email me at:

contact me at: (310) 384-5284

La Bella Baskets...Discover the joy of giving.

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