A friend of mine is really going through a rough time. She has been married for many years.....She is having money issues which have been there through the majority of her relationship...so nothing new. Anyway, she is going to school and also working while helping care for the children and keeping house....her husband is also working but not as many hours as he use to. This has become more of an issue now. He has been crabby, swearing at her and the kids so much that she was debating leaving him...he gets stressed out and tired and upset about his job and money. Things have gotten better for a very short period of time. He has been this way most of their marriage. She married him almost right out of high school and is now desiding she is not happy with her life. She is constantly crying and upset...she is feeling depressed much of the time and hates to leave her children when she leaves for work due to them getting yelled at the whole time she is gone. Her husband takes his frustrations out by yelling and swearing at the children. She is worried about the well-being of her kids and what it will do to them as they get older. She wants to have a happy household...but she never really has. She talked to one of his friends and he wanted to talk to her husband about it, but she didnt want him to. He promised he would not talk to him if she didnt want him to. BUT, now all of the sudden her husband has been a lot better...not 100% but better. She wonders if his friend talked to him even though he swears up and down he didn't. The problem here is, she says she has had enough and she is no longer happy in her marriage. She wants out and doesn't know where to go or how to go about it., She fears hurting him...she still loves him, but this is not the life she wants for her or for her children. Does anyone have any suggestions what I can tell her? She really needs some help with what to do as a next step.

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