The daycare my daughter attended is being investigated by the state because complaints were finally heard and taken seriously.  After seeing this story on the news, I was happy that someone's complaints were finally heard.  My child attended there for a few months. 
When my child was moved into a different class halfway through, my child was not the same child I had at home.  On 3 different occassions, I picked up my child and her pullup was so full, it nearly busted.  The first time I complained to the teacher.  The second and third time, I complained to the daycare director at the center.  Then I was told my child had been left unattended in the classroom on 2 different occassions by another staff member. 
My husband and I had a meeting with the director and supervisor.  We were told that we did not follow their grievance policy and were basically made to feel like we were bad people who had it out for the teacher we were commplaining about.  The only thing done to correct the situation was to move my child back to her old class which satisfied the situation since she wasn't going to be in their care much longer.
I am happy to see that something was finally done and maybe that they'll see that not all complaints made are unwarrented.  All parents should feel good about leaving their children in a daycare, not angry like I was for those few weeks that my child was in that teacher's care.

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Apr. 29, 2011 at 9:05 AM

Seriously? Man someone would have had to pull me off. lol I don't care if it's an unwarranted complaint or not it is their JOB to take them seriously until proven otherwise.

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