I just got my associates degree now I am taking bacholer classes.

I am also writing a manuscript for a teen novel I have always wanted to write.

I am also writing a Fanfiction for fun. This can be found at fanfiction.net/shay0rocks.

Go to that website and the story is called Complete Me. Read and Review!!!

My son is about 2 and half and he is definitely in his terrible twos.

I don't have much time for myself.. but with my busy schedule I barely notice between getting up at 6 30 in the morning and working all day long. My days go fast and my son is growing up before my eyes.

It's amazing how fast it is going and I wish I could just freeze time and keep him tiny, but I am loving watching him reach all his milestones.

His talking isn't that great but a speech therapist comes once a week to help us out with that and he is learning quickly!!

For now, life is going good. I am currently looking for a job to add to my hectic schedule.

Just trying to live one day at a time<33

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