I am so excited! I talked to my hubby yesterday and I finally got him to agree to move. Just have to do the whole waaiting thing. We won't be moving for about two years. We have to wait till we have enough money saved. This next income tax time we are going to pay off the bills we have here in Tn. Then the year after that income tax time we are going to save 80% our money till june. It will be June of 2013 when I finally get to move back to Bradenton Fl (home). That will make it nine years by then since I've been home. I'm glad that I moved from home cause I never would have met my husband and had my children but I'm ready to go back and show my babies where I grew up and be closer to my family. I can't wait!! I miss the beach so much and the heat. I am so happy now knowing that we are going to do the move. My mom will finally have a chance to be around her grand kids. She has seen my oldest daughter twice when she was 1 1/2 and three. My second oldest daughter at 1 1/2 and then my son when he was 2 months old. She will be so excited to know we are going to move. Like I said before I'm so excited and can't wait hope these next couple of years go by fast like they have been.big smile mini

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