Question: Did you watch the Royal Wedding?


Yes, I wouldn't miss it

A little bit

Saw pictures, don't care to see anything else.

Have no desire in it at all.

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OK so today is the big royal wedding. Big f'ing deal! I am so tired of hearing about it already. These people are way too pampered.  Here we are in the midst of an economic crisis here in America with many natural disasters affecting the lives of many right now and all the press can cover are the details about Kate's dress!!!????!!!! I'm so annoyed that they could spend over 10 million dollars on a wedding and so many other people are suffering and that $10 million would make a world of difference to them. It irks me to no end and I had to write it. I also cannot fathom getting up early or taking a day off to participate in such ridiculousness.  OK, I've had my say. I know some people will disagree, but its a free country.

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May. 5, 2011 at 6:06 AM Nope, i totally agree with you. Thats ok though, its called greed. If it doesnt backfire them now it will in the after life. Sad thing is, there are lots of greedy people, very wealthy here in the america. Where we need it the most. Us middle class would love to help others but not possible when we are barely making it by. So sad. It willl probably only get worse. Her dress wasnt even pretty, myself anyways. I would of just perfered a beautiful sun dress, on a beach with only close family. Im simple. They call kate plain and simple, doesnt ask for much?

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