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The beginning...


boy on a swingslideI had a babysitting job watching my friends boys along with my son they were all about the same age.toddler boyI was looking around  casually for a online business there were so many out there I was clueless in witch were scams & wich  weren't.  I had a friend that was with this one company (witch we will just call company A) but there were so many women doing it in our small tiny town that I knew it wouldn't work, at least not door to door. So I tried it online well that was a joke & a half. I got a one call once every two weeks because I didn't put an order. I had no money I kept telling them, and for coaching there were none except write all your family & friends on a list & plug them into the system & send them there e catalog. I had 3 orders in a 5 month time & made NO money what so ever not one dime & I ended up owing them money about $100. (needles to say I used to buy from company A, after that sour experense I don't even want to hear the name of it.)




Then one day my friend told me that her mother in law was retiring and she wanted to spend more time with her grand babies....well I was out of a job with in the next 3 weeks.  I absolutely knew nothing about network marketing or what kind of business to look for. Well I do have more friends though...lol...I got into (we will call company B)  Well the experience I had with company A made me ask more questions with company B.  & she had signed under her friend that was making great money ! OK I liked the products, there was a free month with your url & office.  I was ready...well I was promoting writing articles putting adds out there In cyber world  handing out  cards  with my info & link on it in the real world.. I even had a party with friends...that did a little i even had people sign up under me... I must of had 3000 hits... not one bite, not one person had ordered from me after my party. but I was doing this alone with no help. 


 Well 3000 hits to my link nobody bought anything I knew something was wrong... so I went searching  for the answers, I knew one thing people out there do succeed I wanted to be one of them ! 



I was at it everyday like clock work the kids were off to school & I would search the Internet till 3pm for answers. I was seeing things over & over same things I researched them even called a called a few but what I didn't have was money & they wanted lots of it. for Cd's, books, coaching, etc...I kept searching because someone at some point had to start from scratch, I wanted to know what that person did. I just stumbled across-ed it  I turned around & it  hit me in the face...lol...I was sceptical about it you dont  get things for free with out a catch...Boy was I wrong there are people that have  big Hearts...I had found MFF they gave me professional skills for free.


At MFF I had found my mentor. She had taught me all about network marketing, duplication and things her mentor taught her. I had joined their company. I was doing everything I was taught but getting places slowly. it was happening but not quick enough.


My personal view, don't get me wrong, there are good products but how many wellness stores are out there to many in my eyes, so I put one business on hold, but I still buy their products Vitaone, Appetizer Diet Cookies and Appetizer Diet Shake - Chocolate. http://livingnaturally.vitamark.com/shopping/  


 I have found out it's a Jungle out there ! But I have to admit it is both Challenging and Fun !

 My mentor and I decided to break away and found something just about everyone has and paying the bill anyhow.

 So know I am trying to help people save money on a bill they already pay! Their cell phone bill. To cut your cell phone bill in half go to:


 Cutomers only You + 5 = Free cell phone service

 You can get paid while other people pay their cell phone bill http://www.yourfreephoneservice.net/  Reps you + 3 = free cell phone service.

 Then a  few months into our company we found this automated system that generates lots of free leads and prospects for network marketers, this is a free tool !   http://www.mybwbsite.com/4806676/s2/ 

 You can make extra money to ! http://www.mybwbsite.com/4806676/c3/

 Thanks for reading the first part of my journey more to come... 

 Have a Wonderful and Blessed Day!

 Barbie Parrish


 We all work with one infinite power...







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Apr. 29, 2011 at 3:24 PM

Barbi, that's a great story! My story is similar & I agree with you, we all work from 1 Infinite Power. The last company you mentioned is the most lucrative,common sense business today to build a lifetime residual income. Everyone knows that everyone from age 7 & up owns a cell phone! LOL.Thanks for sharing.you rock

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