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did I give you a start? don't worry, it's only april (well may in a couple days).....

last year was a nightmare with me being pregnant most the year and then a new baby- I didn't get any of it done early (except what I had done the year before I was pregnant/very pregnant) christmas really cost us an arm and a leg putting it off that long, so I'm hoping to avoid that this year and just have travel money to come up with when the holidays swing around.

my goal is to be done by july without using credit cards. (which are finally paid off again lol) =)

we are more then halfway done with our christmas shopping. I'm very proud of us! for christmas we've spent average of $8.33 a gift, but original cost of gifts averages $29.61 =). We have 18 gifts done, wrapped and stored in totes until christmas. 13 to go, not including things for my husband, me and the boys (although we do have Tristian's presents already too).

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Apr. 29, 2011 at 2:22 PM

I've been really happy that we've been able to get things I think people will really like... without breaking the bank just by keeping our eyes open to sales and coupons.

I got my best friend an essential oil aromatherapy book and dvd PLUS 26 5ml bottles of different essential oils (which will be stored unopened in the frig until christmas, never fear lol). For a grand total of $17- just by stacking discount codes and sales =) It's exactly the sort of thing she LOVES but rarely buys herself.

My mother in law, who is an avid card giver and loves cards we got more then 100 different cards (no duplicates) and nip hallmark card studio software. For a grand total of $10 finding them at thrift stores =)

My dad we got one of his favorite wines from Chile and a nice wine jornal book (he loves wine, goes to tastings, goes on trips through wine country, has a wine cooler and storage and etc...). Spent less $7 total. We found the wine on discount for less then $5 and the book off paperback swap (brand new) for a credit that cost me $2.

etc.. and so forth =)

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Apr. 29, 2011 at 3:36 PM

I should probably try this... we had the money to do what we wanted this past year, but it is always stressful being self employed wondering when checks from people will arrive, etc... my only issue is a lack of storage space to keep all the stuff until it's needed.

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Apr. 29, 2011 at 3:44 PM

try and get creative with storage space, store things under beds, in top of closests, on top of top cabinets.... most people have tons of storage space they've just never considered using that way.

you could also keep an eye to smaller gifts, you can get nice smaller gifts that take up less room. I'm not going to alter the above, but I just moments ago bought the $12 (plus $2 for shipping) real pearl brooch, normally $99 for $4 after the $10 incentive you get when you sign up through another member on No More Rack (it's one of those daily deal sites). That's a small but very nice gift dh's grandma who loves brooches is going to love =)

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