Hi I have a situtation & dont know what to do??

I was seperated from my husband for a year & got prego.  The man that got me prego already has a 3 year old & cant afford another. He went MIA during the pregancy ..& half way thru my pregnacy i got back with my husband & he has taked FULL responsibilty of my son who is 4months old now (he is also on the birth certificate.) Although i have tried several time to get my sons biological son to take a dna test jus tso he knows where he came from & family medical backgrounds. But each time he has failed to show, he tells me he wants to be part of his life whe i run into him (we live close by) he always has an exuse why hes so busy  but on the ssame note he sees his child every weekend. I dont know what to do id rather not take this to court because it will be very tough on my husband he doesnt want him involved at all. I just want to do whats right for my son any helpful suggetions?

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Apr. 29, 2011 at 3:54 PM

My mother and father were in the exact same situation. My younger brother is not my biologically my father's BUT his name is on my brother's birth certificate. My suggestion, which is not going to be easy for you is to drop kick biological daddy from your life. I would look at the situation from your husband's perspective. Your husband obviously loves you and your son very much if he is willing to stand by you and raise a child that is not his own. It takes more to be a dad then just the ability to procreate. Some day when your son is older, you can tell him all about his biological father, there is no rush. 

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Apr. 29, 2011 at 10:18 PM

I had this same situation, my son is 3 now, honestly the best thing to do is let biological dad go! I promise you it is not worth the heartache/headache and it could really strain your marriage if this gets out of hand. Allow your hubby to be the father your son deserves, if bio dad wanted to be in your sons life than he would be there without you asking. A real man takes care of his responsibility regardless of finances, therefore the real man is your hubby. I promise u I went thru this and this is what we did and it was the best decision

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