Hard Limits

April 29, 2011

Limits – Do you have any hard limits? What are they?

I am very quick to say that I have some rather HARD Limits, you know, the obvious ones... I don't do bestiality or play with children, etc...

I have always thought that people who “claim” to have no hard limits were either ignorant or insane... I mean who wouldn't have at least a few limits???

But really... if I sit down and give it some serious thought... I can honestly say that I don't have any hard limits.

When it comes to our marriage... when it comes to our D/s dynamic... I don't set any real limits.

Let me explain... I have been with my Husdom for 19 of my 40 years... we have been married for 17 of those years... and we have been in this lifestyle for nearly 4 and a half of those years.

In all that time, He has NEVER intentionally hurt me. He has never set out to do me real harm. He has proven time and time again that MY safety and well being is always first and foremost in His mind and heart.

I know that while it is His desire to fulfill my fantasies, it is also His desire to keep me safe while doing so.

Since entering this lifestyle, HE has been the one that has been the most restrained and hesitant when it has come to exploring some of the more edgy or risky types of play, for fear of causing me physical and even emotional harm. HE has been the one to set the more rigid limits on what we do and do not try and when we try what we do.

So really, it isn't necessary for me to set limits, because I know that he would never push me beyond what I am physically or emotionally capable of dealing with.

I can sit here and tell people that I would never do this or I would never do that, and they can come back to me and say, “See, those things are your hard limits.”, but I have no need to set those limits with Him, because I already know that HE would never try to take me there to begin with.

I can honestly say that I have enough trust in my Husdom, that I have no need or desire to set hard limits... and honestly... it is incredibly liberating to be able to say that and to mean it.

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