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I am selling my home in short sale, and trying to buy a home (thanks to my dad) But my lord!! It is crazy!! Is almost the deadline that the bank has gave us to sell the house .. and no offer yet. We have put more than 10 offers on other houses, and none accepted!!! we have to go from this house, and we have nowere to go, we dont want to rent beacuse we need that money for the down on the new house. I dont understand, why, how.... we cant get an offfer accepted. Here in sacramento is crazy the market rigth now, i dont want to settle for a place that i dont like or that is not good because this will be THE HOuse  were my kids will grow on, and i want to be happy and content with it. But some investor probably always wins our offers ..they give cash and banks will prefer that even if is less than other offers. I feel so stress out, desesperate, tense... the air in the house sometimes feels so thick!!. This is so hard .

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Apr. 29, 2011 at 9:44 PM

One possible reason is not knowing what can happen.  I have been looking, and very afraid of foreclosure and sort sales, then there are the high prices and huge down payments.  Another is the area high crime and horrible commutes all the jobs seem to be in either San Jose or San Francisco.  In your comment non of you're offers accepted, that could be happening to others.  It seems the financials are in control and do not care.  I looked at  two places price to high and unit to small and the other high price and wanted a lot down.  So very discourage and have stopped looking.

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