A Little Rub-a-Dub in Your Tub




Sex in the shower or bathtub can put a little fun back in your sex life. You're slippery, you're silly, and opportunities for playful petting abound. You can draw a bubble bath for two, or steam up a hot shower with your sweetie. The warm water delivers total relaxation for you and your partner, and aromatic soaps and oils work wonders on your skin and your mood.

When taking a bath, a waterproof pillow can provide a world of comfort. Put it behind your head if he's on top, or use it to cushion him when you're on top. You might even try it for some gentle clitoral stimulation — use your imagination!


If you opt for a shower, start by washing each other from head to toe. Lather up a washcloth or sponge and get all your parts squeaky clean. Washing each other's hair can be highly erotic, too. Gently scrub his scalp with your fingertips for an excellent massage, then let him show your locks a little love and attention. A shower stool can make having sex easier, but there are plenty of positions to try standing up.


Light a few candles and you've got yourself a very steamy situation!


Brought to you by Dr. Laura Berman & Slumber Parties by Tonia ;-)  slumberpartiesbytonia.com

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