Well today dear readers there is no sex talk.  Wednesday April 27th tornados ripped thru our town leaving NOTHING behind.  We are without power, food, phones.  They have setup a wifi internet feed so I am coming to you via that.  The last count we had over 300 deaths.  Two of them personally.  My cousin lost his two boys in the storms that have wrecked our life.  Comforts that you take for granted are GONE.  Lives GONE. Homes GONE.  It took that storm 10 minutes to end what our "NORMAL" life was.  Yesterday we were fed by volunteers it wasn't much but we were starving and it helped.  They also gave us bottled water.  I plan to blog more in depth when I have more time.  I don't want to hog the interent.  Please pray for my family and friends...

God Bless

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Apr. 30, 2011 at 8:55 AM

I am so sorry, sending prayer your way, bless you hun

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