This is not the end of my rape or my healing. I have to relive my rape everytime I have a flashback. My healing is still a process. This is the end of sexual assault awareness month. Today is the last day. However, I will continue to raise awareness. My main way is through my blog.

Sexual assault is a horrible crime. It affects way too many people. 1 in every 6 women and 1 in 33 men have to deal with attempted or completed rape (RAINN). Yet only 12 rapists out of every 100 rapes reported to the police get convicted and only 7 of them face jail time (Campbell, 2008). And we, as a society, allow this to happen. We do not get up and protest. We are satisfied with it. I, for one though, am NOT satisfied with this. The pain from sexual assault is a life long pain. Some never heal from it. I know some who were raped 20 years ago and still have pain from it.

I was raped 6 years ago by someone who I thought was my friend. I was in shock at first and didn't realize what had happened. I didn't go to the hospital. I did report it to the police though. They could do nothing though since there was no physical evidence. So he still roams free and is probably still raping women. I have grown a lot since then though. I have daily pain from it. I have to take antidepressants to function. I have flashbacks sparked by body memories. But I am also stronger. I help others when I can. I explain to others that it was not their fault and they are not to blame. I raise awareness in hopes of the laws changing. I got an awareness tattoo as a conversation starter. I am no longer naive about the effects of sexual assault.

The purpose of this is to help me heal. Talking about it helps me heal. As odd as it sounds it is true. Talking about it helps. It took me years to get to this point but it is true. The purpose of this is to also let others who have faced sexual assault know they are not alone. There are many others going through this. You are not alone. The purpose is also to educate the masses as to the rates and effects of sexual assault.

I also want to share with you sites that have helped me. There is RAINN of course. They have a regular website and a facebook account. There is also an unofficial RAINN facebook account that has tons of great people who help each other heal.

And as always...

If you are a victim or survivor who needs help, RAINN is here to help. Their toll free hotline number is 1-800-656-HOPE(4673). They also have an online website... And finally if you are in the military, here is the website specifically for you,


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