While pregnant I knew my son's father was going to be a pice of sh*t. I knew it. People around me kept telling me that maybe once the baby s here things will change, men take a longer time to accept it, he will turn around. But when they told me that I still knew in my heart of hearts that he was just not that kind of guy.He is a coward and can only be around whrn thngs are good. if there is a bt of hard work or unpleasentness he is gone. He can't handle the real world.

I am pretty sure people would tell me that so  wouldn't be upset since I was in a delicate state.  get it but in the end it does nothing for me. Telling me somethng is going to be alright and I know it s not is not healthy for me. I would prefer someone say "He is what you think he is. Now focus on you and your baby." Not he will change.

I hate even when he use to say I have him all wrong this that and the third...but yet did I see him and ever get any help??? Nope cause he is to immature, lazy, and caught in a boy's mentality to understand what it means and takes to be a man.

Since dealing wth this I have relearned to trust my first mind and gut.

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