Okay so just so everyone can understand my life better I will tell you more about me. Lets see I have three wonderful kids and a great future husband, that loves me regardless. My youngest child is Zach and he's about to turn 2 on the 27th of May, then there's Khris who just turned 3 in March 18, Last is Amber who will be 6 on July 4th. Then there's my aw-some future hubby Shawn who is 25. Hes is great, he treats me like an angel, which by any means I don't deserve. Finally there's me I'm 23 with no teeth lol I had to have the mall pulled out and now have dentures... No I Not Ashamed of that, I look better and feel better about myself... My kids and Shawn are my world and I couldn't live with out them... I have a great pet dog named Hazie who is a lab and who is 8 months old and may I add that she is huge already. I live in a 3 bedroom house, 2 bath, full basement, 2 car garage, on 2 1/2 acres. The only bad thing is we don't drive yet. By any means we are not a perfect family, but at least we have each other.  

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