Though Babies Monitors have been in consumer's homes for more than 2 decades,  they didn't seem to really offer much more than audio features up until the last few years.

Today, there is a whole range of features to help aid parents and guardians monitor their baby with either a video baby monitor or some who are after the best baby monitor may prefer a sids baby monitor.   These and other features have helped shape a parent's expectations when it comes to how they monitor their baby.

Options today would include a wireless video baby monitor, or if you have the need for a more mobile monitoring device to keep an eye on your baby like the Mobicam Baby Monitor, which is designed for traveling or moving the device from room to room.

Many of the babies monitors review sites offer sound advice but there seems to be a common theme amongst them.  That being that the name brand names of old seem to be less of a top performing monitor and the newer brand names seem to offer superior quality and performance.

For instance, the Fisher Price Baby Monitor has been around for at least 20 years, but seems to have offered much of it's market share to newer more consumer feature driven babies monitors manufacture.  And in many ways mimics with what Graco is doing with their newer Graco iMonitor which seems be constantly bad mouthed in the video baby monitor reviews sites.

Yet on the other hand, both Angel Baby Monitor and Summer Baby Monitor offer great features for parents and are continually complimented on within these baby video monitor reviews with many stating that both these companies offer the best baby monitor.

Interestingly, both of these companies took a different route in answering consumers with their needs today.  Angel Baby Monitor have placed their primary focus on the babies monitors which primary offer safety issues such as breathing and movement, while Summer Infant baby monitor went after more of the video features that could be offered to parents.

Summer Infant interestingly seemed to take this initial lime-light as parents wanted to see with their own eyes how their baby was doing.  They continued development and now offer the largest selection of video baby monitor devices on the market today.

On the other hand, Angel Baby Monitor offered movement sensor pads that can be easily placed under your baby's mattress which in turn monitors your baby's breathing and movements, thus to avoid "sids" or sudden infant death syndrome.  These movement sensor pads would trigger an alarm to the parents unit if no movement was detected  for any 20 second period.  Thus providing both parents more peace of mind knowing their baby was breathing normally while napping or during bed time.

Many now call the Angelcare Monitors the sids baby monitor as it has brought much peace of mind to parents and guardians now knowing they are monitoring their baby in a way that their camera device couldn't do. 

But it seemed to still fall short as even though they had perfected their motion monitors pads, parents still wanted a visual confirmation as well.

Well, for the last year or so Angel Baby Monitor has designed and developed the ultimate babies monitors that includes the only 3 in 1 baby monitoring system available on the market today, the Angelcare Monitor AC1100.  One that would include not only a high quality sound and light indicator nursery unit, and a perfected movement sensor pad that will notify parents or guardians of their baby was in trouble, but also a lcd touch-screen display camera that had a distance of up to 820 feet away!

Now, it would appear that parents and guardians will finally get what they've been asking for over these years, while not forcing consumers to purchase two different babies monitors as now all the features come in one! 

Overall, Babies Monitors have changed drastically with the development of the Angelcare AC1100 which offers more features than any other baby monitor on the market, and fills more needs and request of what consumers really want in a baby monitor today.

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