Hello. My daughter has CF (Cystic Fibrosis). She is a beautiful little 3 year old who fights everyday to stay healthy. At the moment she is doing very well and we are completely grateful for that. If you didn't know, May is Cystic Fibrosis awareness month. Every year GREAT STRIDES holds several walks to raise money for the CF Foundation and to raise awareness of this genetic disorder that threatens the lives of children and adults alike every year. I am proud to say that I have joined one of these walks. We will be walking in Dayton, Oh. on May 22, 2011. If you would like to walk with us that would be wonderful. If you don't live in my area but you still want to walk, you can go to http://www.cff.org/great_strides/ and find a walk near you. If you would like to donate money for our cause you can go to http://www.cff.org/Great_Strides/dsp_DonationPage.cfm?walkid=7398&idUser=479109. That is a direct link to my GREAT STRIDES homepage where you can donate to help us all.  All I am asking for is $5.00 donations, but you are free to donate whatever you like. Every penny matters. All proceeds go to the CF Foundation to help find better treatments and a cure for CF. Thank you so much for your time. If you can help in any way it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again................Alysia

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