Our ds is 9 y/o with a dx of autism. The Drs were sure that his introverted personality bespoke of no, or seriously limited, communication, socialazation, and imagination. Dumb Drs.

So we come to 6 years after his first dx. While he does still go inward when things over stimulate him, he nows plays with his brother and a few select friends. He's being mainstreamed with a 1 on 1 aid. And this year he began raising his hand in class to volunteer for questions. He still walks up to the teacher when called on and almost whispers his answers, but what the hell, he answered.

The difficulty is with trying to correct a child for doing things we were told he'd never do. After all biting requires personal contact. lol. And taking things from others requires being close to someone, who is usually yelling by the time you're done. For a child that hates loud noises, talking, and touch, these are remarkable things.

But you still have to correct. No one else is going to understand at the store, in school, or later in life, at work. Wouldn't it be great if you could hit the next guy in line for being 6 inches too close and have everyone else agree he had it coming?

Or tell your boss you just don't feel like it today and he/she just said, "Okay", and let you leave or wander aimlessly through the building? I'd love it!

But the fact is our grown ups are the only ones that understand and we really don't want him in jail someday. Right now he and his brother are sadly in their beds for fighting. Over everything!

I'm at a loss. He's emotionally at about 4 to 5. And physically he's about 12. I'm so happy that he's 3 to 4 years farther along than all the "experts" anticipated.

But now I have to NOT high five him or grin when the reports from school come in. Or he decides to take apart his sibs toys to see how they work. When he comes out of his "zones" where his eyes all but close and he doesn't hear his own name, but suddenly has three different ways to ask for the same thing, (in case you don't agree with the first request).

I have to go to the next room so he can't hear me laugh when he's corrected one of his therapist, teachers, or aids. All becuse I love the fact that he's being a "normal boy".


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May. 1, 2011 at 2:47 PM


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May. 1, 2011 at 4:37 PM

 I can understand how that goes, Andrew is the same way. I have to tell him, no, dont do that or simething along those lines. But inside me i am thinkg " Yay, its a step forward." It took Andrew two years before he would have any contact with kids out side of his sister. So to others the are acting out..but to us mom's...its a step forward.

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