If there are to be different types of expectant moms, then am the type that in previous months at the slightest sign of pregnancy, and I mean slightest, I would take up to 3 consecutive pregnancy tests. All -- .Crazy, I know. Today it only took one. Not only because it came out + but because I have wanted this for so long that I do not need reassurance. My husband on the other hand, looked quizzical at the test and said "what does that mean? I don't understand..." although, the print of the test itself says 2 lines= pregnant 1 line= not pregnant ...then I hear  "are you sure those things work?".... not for his lack of display of emotions but as he later put it..."not to put his hopes up".  ;) Before going into a hormonal induced rage.... I figured, I should process the awaited surprise in this manner; I take multiple test when I get 1 line, only 1 test when i got 2 lines, and my husband, poor thing, gasp, asks the validity AND efficiency of a product sold by the millions.... no doubt, Men are from mars, and women are from venus!

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