Question: Forgive even after knowing and loving that much


No hes only trying to make you stay

Yes,, accept you need a hand and get the help he offers for if anything the childs sake

NO, throw your hands up and want to know how they found out

Have at least a doctor take a look at you and try and find out if you have a problem that might be fixable like depression from ______

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did anyone every get caught "cheating" on there man. And he found out. And was willing to just take a appolgy and move on from that point?

Would you have admited it and went to get help when he offered? Or tried to make up for the wrong or just deny it all and find out later he knew and just trusted you enough to let it end with nothing "horrible" come from it and at least just expected you to just try and show you had the will to try and fix the problem but ran instead and now innocent child now in the middle of it.  : ????

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May. 5, 2011 at 6:30 AM Im 22 now. I have changed a big difference since i was 16. I have been with my husband sice i was 15. We moved too quickly, married at 17, still in school. I ended up hurting him with an ex hookup. I know that sounds bad "hookup". I wanted to be with him but he wasnt ready to make a comemtment and trust another. He had a son and we thougt all was going good intil he walked in on his wife cheating. So we fell in love but just wasnt ready for trust. I myself just got out of a relationship, that i thought would ast forever. I was young and stupid, and loved attention. So i slept with the ex hookup. I felt really quily, and horrible. It happened before we married, but didnt tell him intil week after we had married. I thought he was going to leave me. I was alone, and scared even though he stuck by my side. However, ive changed and learned alot over the yeats. The ex is no longer in the picture, and no longer is my sister. She started seeing him. She brought him around alot to piss us off. So we dont talk. However, i hear about it all of the time. I cant drive, dont work. Im a stay at home mom. His friends are always checking up on me, and to top it off we live next door to his parents. It is what it is, whatever. Im not interested in another. He wont dro it. But yet ive caught him watching porn. I dont know about how others feel. But i felt worthless, unattractive, and not wanted. I was even working my ass off at the time because we needed the money. I never seen a penny all went to bills. I am always welcomed at my dads. I could of said forget it im done and moved to my dads intil i was stable. But i had lots of worry and stress with bills and work. I worked my ass off to make us work out. But yet he doesnt notice how much i care for and love him. He wont dro what i did, but im not allowed to bring up what he did to distroy my self esteem. We r still togethet and have a beautiful daughter now, but at times i hear it all over again. I will never hear the end of this.

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May. 7, 2011 at 10:16 AM

He wont drop what you did... Cant not blame him 100% . You got caught cheating.

And im not sure if you just woke up or something but that message makes so many contridictions its almost unreal.

you stayed at home, but you worked your ass off paying bills??  what were you doing to pay bills?

Your mad at him for watching porn.. Hes doing that in his bedroom. You should try watching it with him or be happy hes not out finding someone else to have sex with like you did.  You think about his self esteem that he has to try and swallow of what you did and forgive you?  And your going to get mad at him looking porn. Hate to sound rude but maybe you should worry about pleasing your man every once in awile and let him know HE IS the only one and he will stop talking about it. he will stop looking at porn. He wont have a need to say anything. Something tells me your all asshurt by being caught and not wanting to fix the problem you have just find reason to complain about it. hes bringing it up cause there is still doubt.. knock that doubt out of him. physicaly and mentaly. 

How much money does he see ?? does he have nice things and you sitting on a wooden school chair all day ? 

he had alot of stress and worry too. everytime he left the house he had to worry if you were going to do this again or come home and see the sad look on your face that your still thinking about this and he knows it.. the guy obviously has been around you for awile. he knows whats wrong and what it might just be.

from the looks of it your still bitter with yourself and making him feel miserable about it cause of your mess up. well fix it. make him feel wanted. and HE WILL MAKE YOU FEEL LOVED AND BEUTIFUL AND totaly erase that lack of respect you feel. YOU just have to be willing and open to lay it out there and make time to make things right.

porn = NOT THAT DAMN BAD! thats just all there is.

sorry for your problems. but i think you can fix them. have confidence in yourself. make him feel like he is wanted and you will see a improvement.. :)

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