I went to my seminar Wednesday(4/27).  I really liked the surgeon,he is real nice.  I scheduled my first appt with Dr A(Ahuja) for June 9th.  I am a on waiting list to see the psychiatrist for my psych appt for  surgery(to see if you are mental able to have surgery n deal with ur new life after surgery).  Next wk I am goin my PCP to set up my sleep study.  I have to see Dr A aleast once a month until my surgery.  I have to see their dietician  and also go to 3 support groups.  I think this time it will work cause I don't have to do 6 months of supervised visits.   I am so  ready for this n be on the loser bench(for some of you,who knows what I am talkin about) this is a great things. 

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