Unfortunately, DH, DD, and I all live in a duplex. It's all we can afford for now until we have more money saved up. Our neighbors SUCK.

The neighbors we share a duplex with drink, smoke, cuss, and are all around crabby people. They have an 18 year old daughter who also lives with them. The other neighbors across the yard are 19 and 26 with an almost 2 year old DD. The 19 year old mother, has no high school diploma, no GED, and is making less than $10 an hour and assuming she gets no schooling, that's about all she'll ever make. The 18 year old neighbor's daughter works with the 19 year old.

The other day, we got into a conversation about how bad the economy is these days and how it's tough getting a job for someone even like me who has a Bachelors degree and experience. Yes I'm very proud of my degree and I brought up how I feel like I'm worth more than some other potential employees because I have a degree. I paid a lot of money for it, and worked very hard for it, so I'm worth it. The 19 year old got offended thinking I was saying I was better than her and now she and the 18 year old she's friends with next door are talking crap on Facebook about how they "hate people who think they're better than others because they have a degree they're not using".

Wow. Immature. I have a degree and am not using it because I'm lucky enough to have a DH who makes enough money to take care of me and DD and I don't HAVE to work. I told that 19 year old that yes I am worth more to an employer because if we both have the same amount of experience in a certain field, my degree would get me the job over her. Common knowledge. I'm guessing Ms. 19 year old who apparently thinks she knows so much is insecure about her lack of education to get offended by this and drag the other 18 year old neighbor into this.

My DH is defending me (which is sweet) but I refuse to acknowledge either of the girls. They're just teenagers and while one has a child and husband, having a family doesn't make a person mature. It just means they have responsibility. I'm above their petty crap but wanted a place to vent about such stupidity where I know they won't read.

Ugh. Seriously. Trashy people blow :( I wanna move!!!!

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