DH, my son (Mark) and I were sitting at the table for supper.  We'd given Mark pizza, cut into 12 segments, but he wasn't feeling hungry.

Then he started pushing one of the segments around the rim of his plate, making "Choo choo" noises like he does when playing with toy cars and trains.

Ok, so we take a segment each and join in the game.  Then progress to the next step: bringing a slice to his mouth, while making choo choo noises.   No dice, he doesn't open his mouth.

So I get an idea.  Pick up a slice and start moving it to DH's mouth, making choo-choo-CHOO-choo choo-choo-CHOO-choo noises, then a WHOO-WHOO like a train whistle approaching a tunnel.  DH obligingly opens his mouth, the 'train' enters, and DH eats it, showing enthusiasm.

DH then picks up a slice and does the same thing, approaching Mark's mouth.  Mark obligingly smiles and opens his mouth, letting the slice enter because that's now part of the game.   He then bats the hand and slice back out of his mouth, rather than eating it.

I collapse in laughter.  (Yes, I know, bad reaction on my part, reinforces what he did.)

Parenting FAIL.  Oh well, you win some you lose some.

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