Really depressed lately and its all because of my daughters father he did something so stupid worse than all the other stuff i have had to deal with this time he might even be goin to jail. i never thought it would get this bad i thought at somepoint he would start listening to me and change his life i never thought it would get this bad of course now he wants to do everything i tell him to do and not be so arrogant and listen to me cause all i wanted to do was help him and make his life our lives be the way i know he and we could make them im tired of feeling like shit all the time cause of what he chose to do i still love him and care about him and i really wish i didn't cause of how mad and dissapointed i am at him  and how shitty i feel i just don't want to feel like this no more i just want to be happy and i can't wait till all this court shit of his is over which will not be for another two weeks although no matter what the outcome is him going to jail or just getting a fine i know i wont feel any different

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