So my neighbor is really pushing her 19 month old DD to be potty trained. She went so far as to buy panties, and pullups (cause she's not ready to clean pee off the floor yet) for her. Well now the little girl has gone to the potty and it's a huge deal (I admit, that's great!)

But my issue is my DD is 25 months, and while she tells me she just pooped, she, for the most part, isn't interested in the potty. I take her with me to the bathroom when I go, and she has the opportunity to go before and after a bath when she's naked. My neighbor is basically trying to rub it in my face that she's potty training her 19 month old with moderate success and why can't my DD who's 6 months older, do the same thing?

To be honest, I don't care. When my DD is ready, she'll potty. But I have to admit that the rubbing in my face is rather annoying, and I doubt her DD is ready...she's just forcing her WANT of a potty trained toddler on her child, right?

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Jun. 3, 2011 at 1:41 PM

don't worry hun Gabe just turned 2 in April and he still isn't potty trained. he has intrest in the big potty we use. he loves to sit on it for a bit and say potty grab some totlet paper and put it in the potty and  then flush and get off but  never actually goes. he has his days were he tells me potty I potty's sits on the tolet and nothing right now he  just likes to sit on the potty and flush and dump tolet paper in the tolet. but trust me there are still days he wants  Nothing to do with the Potty! LOL  today he told me i potty and I checked and sure enough he had pooped . He ran to the bath room and sat on the tolet with clothes still on saying I potty. I explaned to him yes honey you did but you already went in your diaper so you can't go potty in the tolet when you already went in the diaper, But I was still proud of him for telling me even if he did go in his diaper. :)  don't worry hun your dd will train herself when she is ready. 

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