Ever since our miscarriage in April my body has been messed up. I did not ovulate at all in May and ended up with a cycle 5 days longer then normal. This time around, I still never saw a positive ovulation on the OPKs and I tested everyday from 4 days before expected O and continued until 4 days after.

So we had to sit out that cycle.

Now here we are in June. I was to be ovulating on the 2 or 3th. I emailed and texted my IP's with the update so they would get their schedule worked out. Come to find out, my IM was scheduled for major surgery on the 3rd and no one told me until the 2nd. IF was so worked up over the surgery he felt like he could not perform so we also cancelled this cycle. 

Now, it's totally reasonable and understandable to want to call off this cycle under the circumstances but I'm so disappointed. Now we wait until July.  I'm starting to get frustrated in my body, my IP's and all the unforseen situations that keep postponing any inseminations we might attempt. 

I wonder if my IP's were as serious as they said they were. I have a feeling my body is telling me I'm getting old and I need to either "shit or get off the pot" so to speak.  I really want to do this and they are so amazing and really deserve to have a baby. They have been through a lot so I'm trying to be patient with them and since 1/2 of this wait it not anyone's fault but due to a miscarriage there is no reason to be upset with my IP's.

It's just frustrating.

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Jun. 7, 2011 at 1:34 AM

Sounds frustrating, have you looked into any herbs etc to help maintain fertility health?  Good luck I am sure it will turn out the way it is mean to.  

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