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At the core we all have the need to be understood and respected as individuals.  Yet something that I have noticed is we tend to form beliefs and values based on all being the same.  

We have policies and laws pertaining to birth that do not respect the differences that exist in maternity care.  From gestation, to a baby's size, to how a woman's labor unfolds we take a one size fits all approach.    

We have this idea that babies should sleep, eat and act a certain way otherwise they are considered difficult.  Are they too not unique human beings deserving of understanding and dignity?

The same holds true for older children who do not fit in with what society expects.  Instead of trying to understand the differences and guide them appropriately, we often try to mold the child to fit what society expects.

This trend can be seen in many areas of our culture.  The pressure to conform is strong. 

Yet is this value of being the same really one that we want impart on our children? 

I'm sure most would answer no, yet we continue to put the pressure on. 

What gives?

It seems to me that our current values are in direct conflict with what we need as human beings.  

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Jun. 9, 2011 at 5:34 PM

I think that there is a dichotomy---while we may value many different means of getting to an end, we expect the outcome to always be the same.

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