So its hard and its always been hard but for the first time I felt it when I bent over or I pulled my pants up and there was extra space and my pants were buttoned not a big deal yes I went from a size 60 to a size22 !now I am working on a size ten running weight lifting triathalon workouts boxing martial arts and true goals have been set. Honestly this is me getting where I need to go fifty more pounds and I will make it who would have ever thought I would make it me ten more sizes okay sixty more pounds but I am going to make it yes by the time I run in hawaii I will be lean and ready. This is awesome never thought I would touch the ground without weezing or have to lay down to get clothes on or see my lap again its all gravy!! Nothing nice to say shove on I know I have sixty more pounds to go and buckets of tears and sweat to get there but it will be worth it I wear a 2x used to wear a 16x now I am sixty freaking pounds away a triathalon away from winning even if I do not place it will be a test of the best tool I have endurance. Mastering others is strength mastering oneself is fearless I rock!!

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Jun. 10, 2011 at 10:45 AM ITA: you rock!

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