I can't believe I almost forgot! Tomorrow is the Strawberry Festival @ the farmers' market! I discovered our farmers' market last year. It runs every Saturday from May till November. It's the country's oldest outdoor farmers' market; it's celebrating its 259th birthday on July 9th! They are very kid friendly, if there isn't a craft table set up (crafts are always free) there will be a tent with a bunch of toys. So far this year my 5yo has done herb printing, gotten a free basil plant, made a fluffy sheep, a finger puppet baby chick, made a jump rope out of yarn (that was awesome! it really is a thick rope), made a worm from pipe cleaners and beads, and planted morning glory seed that he got to take home. They are also very dog friendly! Almost every vendor has a bowl of water available to thirsty doggies. There's even a vendor who specializes in just dog treats. I didn't discover the farmers' market in time last year to enjoy the strawberry festival, so I am super excited about it! If you live near Easton, PA, I highly recommend going! My 5yo looks forward to it every Saturday, and so do I.

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Jun. 10, 2011 at 1:21 PM


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