Today I found out I am happy and deserve to be. My life is changing for the better even if it does not work out every time its changing. I have to say the weight loss is helping me and the time I workout gives me time to create what I want and understand what I expect from myself.

1. When you need more you should never settle(that is the birth of regret).

2. Life is too short for little kids and childish people who call names or hate.

3. Putting up with angry people sucks

4. Playing wait and see or maybe he will change games is bs as well he is not going to change.

5. Giving up your dreams is wasteful.

6. Love is good when both people contribute.

7. Leave anyone who does not support you.

8. Fight the urge to say stuff like failure helps you evolve no it does not.

9. Sex is important to me

10. You get what you give send out good vibes get them back.

11. Self love is required to get other love.

12. Do not be afraid to speak your mind.

Ten things I want.

1. To find my soul mate

2. To workout with people who share the wisdom

3. People who are bitter to get life

4. A film crew.

5. A camera.

6. A runner for my bike when I come out of the water for the tri

7. A man who is not lazy.

8. My own office

9. My movies to be made soon

10. To place in Iron Man

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Jun. 12, 2011 at 1:18 PM Yay

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