Hey Mommas, 

WOW, it's been forever since I've been on Cafemom ... I miss it a lot!   How is everyone doing?!    What are you doing this summer?

We are moving to a bigger home, thank goodness.  We just moved to Florida a year ago this month and finally are moving to a bigger safer place.   Good things take time!

Kids have a few camps they are going to.   Our son made the competetive soccer team, so he will be practicing during the summer too.   The kids also got accepted into a magnet school here in florida, for which I am very excited for.

And all kinds of things in between, family time, beach time, business time (owning your own business is a busy time all the time) ...........

What do you have planned?

Chat soon, 

Jessica Palotas



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Jun. 16, 2011 at 8:16 AM

Really?  No moms are doing anything ?!?!?    Awe :( 

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