It is tha middle of June & I have 2 find a place 2 move by July 1st! No gas for the car..feeling very weird..not quite on balance..trying to find a place within myself to feel better.  I'm thankful to God for getting me this far and continuing to bless me & keep me with what I need 2 survive.  I have to rely on him that we will find a place to live and that I won't falter..The world has become a very lonely cvold place that I don't like..The choices I've made in life have led me to this point and I don't like it!  I want to change but i don't know how?? I don't wanna b stressed out anymore or feeling uncomfortable anymore or just in a state of confusion! I will continue to pray to the Lord and try 2 b the best person I can everyday and altho the circumstances r the way they are, try to make myself as comfortable as possible (&my kids) while we get thru it...fingers crossed

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